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International Charitable Foundation

    Child diplomacy is the building of relationships, the strengthening of friendly ties, and the ability to communicate. After visiting villages and towns of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, our young volunteers decided to share their impressions and tell about everything seen by schoolchildren in the western region.     


    The establishment of friendly relations between the children of the East and the West will unite our country, help establish and begin a peaceful life. This activity will give children the opportunity to choose their own way, to use their potential in the future.




Children's diplomacy


    "My peers have many erroneous stereotypes about life on the line of differentiation, as well as where we visited, they do not know much about us. This applies to traditions and priorities," says Diana Shevchuk. Maxim, Artem and Diana agreed to share their volunteering experience in Volhynia, where they were invited by students of the three schools of Knyagininovskaya OTG. The children were carefully prepared, made a presentation, thoroughly sorted photos and videos of their trips.


    Artem and Maxim did not expect Volyn children to support the Foundation and the work of the volunteers so genuinely and actively. The initiative of Artem (a link to our initiatives, actions) "Send a gift to a friend", continued. The schoolchildren not only joined the action, but also prepared gifts for the schools of the east with letters to each child, where they offered to communicate and recipe social networks.       

    We thank the Knyaginin and Rokinivka educational complexes and the Knyaginin Lyceum for the sincere reception and support of children's diplomacy!